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My Top 10 Sinful Colors Nail Polishes

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            Sinful Colors Professionals nail polish is a cheaper drugstore nail polish. It has outstanding color choices and has decent staying power. Nail polishes normally cost $1.99 at almost any drugstore but some places occasionally have a sale on them for $0.99. I think that’s an amazing deal because I love the formula. I used to be a Wet n’ Wild only girl simply because it was a very inexpensive brand, however, this by far is a longer lasting and smoother formula. I did two coats on all my nails besides Out of this World and This is it which got three. Also these are all Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP Free.

Thimbleberry #108

            This is a coral-esque color. It is similar to the fruit it was named after however it has more of an orange tint to it. However, it changes color depending on the lighting in the room. The first layer is extremely sheer and uneven. I found that applying three layers at least allows for a good amount of coverage.

Cream Pink #152

            This is a hot pink/Magenta that has a gold shimmer to it. It’s one of the few in my sinful nails collection that is a warmer shade. It dries on the matte side versus shimmery. This is a great summer color, and possibly my favorite pink in my collection.

Over It #1175

            This is an orchid color (sorry the picture doesn’t show it off that well. It has a silvery shimmer in it but it doesn’t take away from the orchid color but instead gives the color a nice shine. This is a perfect spring nail color. I would definitely put a third or fourth coat on this because it is fairly sheer and streaky even with two coats on.

Easy Going #300

            This is a light pink shade that’s close to white. I find this perfect when I want to do a homemade French manicure. It is the perfect color because it’s not pure white but it’s not too dark to not look like a French manicure. It is definitely closer to the bottle shade, for some reason I couldn't get a good color picture of my nail.

Out of This World #842

            This is a shimmery silver color. It’s extremely sheer, and as you can see not even two coats can fully cover my nails natural color. This has a shimmery purple inside that gives it a little extra shimmer and color. It's not my favorite silver in my collection but I think it goes well over top a red for Christmas.

This is it #832

            This shade is a shimmery gold. The gold has flecks of purple, blue, and green it to help with the sparkle. This needed three coats to not be so sheer that the nail natural nail color is showing. I love putting a single coat of this over a red nail polish, especially during the Christmas holidays.

Steel Reserve #1247

            I love this color during the winter. It’s a dark grey color that honestly looks like a dark blue/grey. It’s a perfect winter color for me, because it’s not black but it’s not too light of a grey for it not to be a winter shade.

My Kryptonite #1239

            I love this color it’s the perfect teal color. It’s a great spring to summer transition color in my opinion as well as a good fall color. Not dark enough for winter but too dark for spring. Also you might notice the bottle says Sinful Shine. This polish is a part of the Sinful Colors Sinful Shine line. It has gel tech to give it extra shine. It does feel more like a gel nail then the regular Sinful Colors collection, but you don't have to do the gel steps.

Rise & Shine (Matte) #940

            From the pictures of the polish on my nails you can probably barely tell the difference between this color and My Kryptonite. To be honest I think the only difference is that this color is matte. They are essentially the same color teal with different finishes. I love using one as an accent nail and the other for the rest. It’s the main reason I bought My Kryptonite (in all honest I bought this one not realizing it was matte).

Mint Apple #947

            I definitely understand where this title is coming from. It’s a gorgeous mint color but the sheen reminds of that which you find on green apples. Like you know it’s not overly shiny but it’s not dull. This is a perfect spring color.

Special Mention:

Fire Red #44

            This is a classic dark red wine color. It has a goldish tint to and if you let it sit long enough then the gold begins to separate from the red a little bit. I received this from Influenster complementary in a Voxbox. By this time I owned 3/4 of my Sinful nail polishes so I wasn’t new to the brand but I was new to this color. I’m not much of a dark color nail person except in the winter. I love this shade because my collection tends to be pinks and blues, so adding an actual red color is nice. I will definitely be wearing this during Christmas this year with “This is it” on top of it. This didn't make my top ten because this was only the second time it's been on my nails so I don't have a true opinion on it yet.

Final Thoughts:

            Sinful Colors is by far my favorite drugstore nail polish brand. However, I will admit that there are brands that are not drugstore that I love more. However, I’m not a big spender when it comes to nail polish because I change it at least once a week but if I had to pick an overall favorite brand it would be Butter London.
            Leave a comment below telling me your favorite shade, so I can check it out and possibly get it. I’m open to most colors except yellow & orange simply because they don’t go well with my skin tone.



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