Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bad Day Turned Good! - Influenster #VSSportBra VoxBox

            Lately the weather in Michigan has been even more crazy than Normal. Yesterday for example we had a huge thunderstorm at 5:30am and by 12:00pm it was bright and sunny but by 4:00pm it was extremely cloudy out. Today’s just been a hot and humid day, but at about 9:00am it was torrential downpouring. Don’t get me wrong I love rain but not when I’m on my way to go shopping.

            The good news is it stopped raining by the time my mom and I got to the mall. I only purchased three things for a total of $13.96. I got the first two mighty duck movies (in a duo-pack so I count it as one), an essence eyeshadow, and a Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask.

            However, the thing that really turned this day around from the bleak and drab day it’s been is the fact that I came home to another Influenster VoxBox! For more information about Influenster listed at the end of this post.
            So far I personally have received three voxboxes before this one. The first was the Uni VoxBox and the second was the Surf’s Up VoxBox and the last was an Ebay VoxBox. I’ve also one a P&G gift box because I completed the tasks and they chose me to receive the complimentary box. So I guess this is technically my 4th… Anyways onto what I received!

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