Monday, January 18, 2016

BoxyCharm January 2016

This month was all about the eyes with BoxyCharm. I was psyched about that because eye makeup is the one makeup that I wear daily. I can go weeks without putting on face makeup (dry skin and acne suck for wearing face makeup). So without boring your to death here is the January BoxyCharm.

Blinc Mascara Amplified

I haven't tried this mascara yet but it sounds pretty intriguing. The claims are that it creates a tube around the lashes instead of just coating them. Then the BoxyCharm Instagram had a clip of them being washed off and it was creepy but awesome. I'm definitely excited to try this out and give it a go.  Also I love how the product has a tube casing to product that actual tube of mascara. I plan on keeping the tube to travel with simply because if something happens to a product it'd be contained that way. Full Size - $26.00

Royal & Langnickel Brush Set [R]evolution

I'm always up for getting new eye brushes. The fact that this is a trio is pretty awesome. I did however find them a little stiff but I'm hoping they loosen up once they get used more and once they get washed. These were also specially curated for BoxyCharm and can be purchased individually online. Full Size - $23.97

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen

This was a this or that product. I luckily received the Starlooks Liquid Liner instead of the Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner. I much prefer to get a liquid liner than a pencil one because  I have so many pencil liners already. This one stays on the skin really well. I swatched it on my hand and forgot to take it off and it was still there and maybe a little faded but not smudged in the morning. Full Size - $19.00

Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Palette

I feel like every time Coastal Scents comes out with a palette it's in a BoxyCharm within a couple months. I've gotten two other palette's from BoxyCharm and the only one I don't have is the original Revealed palette which was given in a BoxyCharm before I subscribed. I like this palette and it was interesting comparing it to my Urban Decay Smoked Palette (not the UD Naked Smoky Palette). Full Size - $19.99

So that was this months BoxyCharm. I have a feeling I'm going to love this one a lot. I will probably do an update in a couple weeks on how I feel about the products after testing them out a lot more. I love how almost if not everything (like this box) is full size.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016, Planner Haul

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe it's 2016 already? I figured I would start the year off with a planner haul, because 2016 is all about the planner for me.

Finally was able to find some deals at the Target Dollar Spot and at Michael’s. With the new year all the brands seem to be coming out with new products which means the old one’s are going on sale. I was able to get 25 items for for $27.49 (plus tax so in Michigan where I am it was $32.31).

Now I will admit that a few items that I got at target won’t see my Planner at all. I use the sticky notes for work quite often and love having various ones for the different seasons. Not to mention I love using them to leave notes to myself in random spots around the house (well and to my roommates too). 


Everything from Target came from the Dollar Spot. Normally when I am finally able to visit my closest Target (Maybe 3-4 times a year) I can't find a single thing. This time I feel like I hit the mother load! I ended up spending $15.90 at Target on all these goodies. Everything was $1.00 with the exception of the Planner Accessories pack which was $3.00.


I was able to find all of the things from Michael’s on sale except for the Home Planner which I had a 50% off one single regular priced item. I was shocked when I saw this little section with washi’s on sale and ended up picking up one of every single style they had. The washi was $0.19 a piece, the sticker sheets and decorative covers were $2.99 a piece. The home planner which was originally $9.99 was $4.99 after my coupon. My total at Michael’s was $16.41.

 Also a bonus puppy! He's about thirteen/fourteen weeks old and a biting menace. We got him in the middle of December and have been working on training him in the midst of all the holiday craziness!

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