Monday, March 30, 2015

What $5 A Week Could Get A Person In Need

Two hundred and sixty dollars think about that amount of money and what you could buy with it. Let’s use Walmart for example and let’s say you have a sales tax of 6% like I do in Michigan. You can get an HP 11.6” Stream Laptop, a Canon PIXMA MG2920 Inkjet All-In-One printer, and a PNY 16GB Compact Flash Drive all for $259.67.

Now think about how long it takes you to make $260. Say you get paid minimum wage and you work a part time job of 25 hours every week. Again I’m going to use Michigan’s minimum wage. After the minimum taxes are taken out it’s about $167.98 every two weeks, so it would take one month to get over this amount.

Now imagine not having a job, not having a semi-steady paycheck. Imagine suddenly having to leave your home because someone in the household is hurting your or your child(ren). The thing is this happens more often than we would like to believe. One day you could lose everything and the only option is a shelter, whether it’s a homeless shelter or a women’s shelter. These shelters aren’t there to make money, they are there to help people. Most of them rely almost completely on donations.

I get it; we can’t all donate $50 a month or more. It’s just not feasible for everyone, however we can do something. I’m a couponer, I get 1-2 papers every week, costing about $3 at most. I use these coupons to help my family afford things such as food and hygiene items. However, I don’t need 4 shampoos every week. It takes my family about a month or two to go through one bottle.

I can get shampoo and soap for under $1 nearly every single week, often I can get it for less than $0.50. So let’s say I decide to set aside $5 a week making that about $260 every year. I decide to put that towards donating items to shelters. Let’s say I get 2 shampoos and 2 3-count bars of soap every week for $5. That’s 8 items every week or 416 items per year for $260.

Say one family of three uses a bar of soap and a shampoo every month that’s 8 families that can get enough shampoo to last a year and 26 families that can have enough bars of soap to last a year.

Five dollars a week doesn’t seem like much to most people. For a lot of us that doesn’t seem like a whole lot. However, for a person who’s without a house and/or a job and is relying on shelter’s that’s a lot. Most people think about donating money towards shelters. While that’s awesome because it can help feed and put a roof over people’s heads, it often doesn’t cover things for personal hygiene.

So I’ve made a challenge to myself and to anyone who reads this. For two months donate $5 worth of personal hygiene products to a local shelter, even if it’s 5 VO5 shampoos that cost $0.97 each. I plan on making a trip to the local women’s shelter every two weeks to donate the items that I’ve collected for them.

The thing is once you get started donating you won’t want to stop, because not only are you helping someone but you’re helping yourself. I believe in karma, for every good deed you do, one will happen for you.

I hope you all take some time and think about this. I hope the week goes quick and easy for you all. Have an awesome day!


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Saturday, March 14, 2015

BoxyCharm vs Ipsy March 2015

Hi Everyone,

Okay I know this isn’t a fair fight but I wanted to do a Boxycharm vs Ipsy so you could see the difference between a lower price subscription and a little bit higher price subscription. Boxycharm is $21 a month and Ipsy is $10. They both ship around the 10th day of the month. This is also my first month with Boxycharm. I’ve been with Ipsy for over a year and a half now. I was also subscribed to Birchbox and Glossybox for about 5-6 months each, but I wasn’t completely in love with either because they focus a little bit more on skincare than I personally care for.

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