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It’s that time of the month again, Boxycharm! No joke though these past two weeks I feel like I’ve gotten a package nearly every day. So stay tuned for upcoming Ipsy (I had to use up points I cancelled today), Target, a Planner post, and possibly more. Anyways this is a versus post for boxes so I will get to it.

Both boxes cost $21 although you can get Glossybox occasionally cheaper on LivingSocial (that’s how I got it). You can also use coupons with Glossybox to get an additional item. BoxyCharm does not offer anything like that yet (at least that I know of). Both boxes do 4-5 deluxe sized beauty related items.

So without further ado The Boxes!


Ofra Illuminating Blush Strips (full size) - $35

            This was a “this or that” product. It was either this in people’s boxes or Ofra’s Derma Mineral Powder in “Pink Sapphire”. To be honest I’m glad I received this product. I just don’t really care for loose powders unless it’s eyeshadow. I love that this gives a nice glow to the face without being crazy intense. I do think it’s a little too much for a more natural face but it’s perfect for a night out.

Costal Scents Revealed2 Palette (Full Size) - $19.95

            Boxycharm likes to say that this is $39.95 value but in all honesty you will always see it for $19.95 on the Costal Scents website. I was extremely excited to get this in my box, because I own a feel brown neutral palettes similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palette but I don’t own any rose gold palettes that are supposed to be comparable to the Naked2 Palette. The first picture of the actual shadows is without flash which I think really captures the colors of the matte shades. The second is with flash which captures the shimmery shades much better.

Coolway Smoothing Lotion 2oz (full size) - $24.95

            I’m actually extremely excited to try this out. I have thick, curly, frizzy hair and will do just about anything to control the frizz. I’m also extremely happy that this is full size, since the last Coolway product I received (Ipsy) was too small to really see a difference.

Harvey Prince Mini Roller Fragrance in Hello (Full Size) - $21.00

            To be honest I think this is the perfect size perfume to put in a box. Is it full size? Technically yes but not really. It’s a full size mini that is absolutely perfect for travel. Plus I don’t go through perfume that quickly when it’s so large because I change scents every season. No joke I still have a perfume from my junior year in high school (it hasn’t gone bad surprisingly). I also like that this is a rollerball because you can truly determine how much you put on.

Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss (Full Size) - $16.00

This was another “this or that” product; the other possibility was a full size Vincent Longo Duo Lip Liner that retails for $26.00. To be honest I kind of wish I had gotten the lip liner, mainly because I tend to wear more lipstick then lip gloss and I only have a few lip liners. Also this lip gloss is a light pink shade with a hint of lavender. Light pinks just don’t flatter my skin tone. This is a light wash of color however, not overly pigmented so it might be nice to put over lip stick to give it some shine.

Overall Boxy:
            I think this was a great box. Do I wish I had gotten the lip liner? Yes, but to be honest I can find use of the lip gloss. I love that all of these products are technically full size or at least able to buy the size I received. The overall value of it is about 5x as much as what I paid. Aka that’s $21 out of my pocket for $116.90 worth of items. Also every product I received in this box was technically full sized, since they do sell the fragrance in that size (if they do that I include it as full size).


Bonus: ThurFri Exclusive GlossyBox Makeup Bag - Unknown price

            I love this add on, especially because ThurFri products are high-end and good quality. I'm not so in love with the design on it, but I think it will be the perfect size for traveling. It also came with a "Mystery Card" which ended up being half off anything on

Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (Deluxe Size) - $14.88

            I’ve been wanting to try Estée Lauder products for quite a while now, but couldn’t see myself spending the amount of money it costs for any of her products. I wish this was a little bit bigger but I do love that they would include something that’s very high-end in the box. I can’t use a lot of skincare items because of my acne medications, so I’m hoping to get the okay from my doctor to use this, because hello it’s Estée Lauder!

Julep Gel Eye Glider in Bronze Shimmer (Full Size) - $16

            If you’re a Julep Maven subscription box holder, this probably wouldn’t be something you want to see in this box, because it’s occasionally added with their nail polish subscription. However, I’m not subscribed to that box, so I’m extremely happy. I love that they sent a bronzy brown shade to me, simply because I own so many blacks and don’t have a lot of brown shades. So I’m excited to try this out.

Marrakesh Endz: Split End Mender & Preventer (Full Size) - $5.99

            I have never heard of this brand before, but I love getting anything for the hair. As a girl with thick curly hair I really appreciate that it excludes drying alcohols, propylene glycol, and petroleum. I’m hoping I fall in love with this product because I can’t find anything that helps my dry split hair. This is also sold in a larger size.

Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau De Parfum Spray (Sample Size) - $19.41

            The thing I like about these more expensive subscriptions is the perfume samples they send out. Unlike Ipsy or Birchbox, the more expensive subscriptions tend to send out deluxe size samples that will actually last awhile and are in cute little bottles instead of vials. This perfume has a light floraly scent to it, and I personally think it’s a perfect perfume for spring time. It’s also the perfect size for traveling.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Stained Gloss in New Wave (Full Size) - $18.00

            I’m not going to lie when I saw this in the box I freaked out a little bit. I’ve been wanting to try the OCC Lip Tar’s for a couple years now, but didn’t want to spend $18.00 on something I wasn’t sure I would love. The shade I got s a bright pink magenta color. I’m definitely excited to see how it compares to my LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Gloss formula and my J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint.

Overall Glossy:
            I’m excited about this box. I love the OCC and Julep products and I haven’t even worn them yet. I’m also excited to try the other products. This box has a value of about $75 which is about 5x the amount I paid for it. If you were to get this box without any deals (aka how I got it for $15) it would be about 3.5x the amount. The bag was not included in the overall total so it is worth a bit more than the estimate.

Overall Comparison:
Since I got a deal on the GlossyBox subscription they came out to be worth about the same amount in comparison to how much I paid for them. However, if I didn’t have that coupon BoxyCharm would have won that category for sure.

Personally I like the BoxyCharm for this month more than the GlossyBox. I can see myself using the palette quite often and even though the Ofra Shimmer Strips seem like they would be extremely pigmented, they give the perfect amount of shine. I was expecting to love the palette but I had no hopes towards the Ofra product. I also love the light fragrance and the fact that it’s a roller ball.

For the GlossyBox I’m excited for everything in there, but nothing completely wowed me when I swatched it. To be honest I think the thing I’m going to love the most in this box is the perfume. I’m not saying that I dislike this box but it just didn’t have that singular WOW product.

In comparison I received a lippie, a perfume, and a haircare product in both subscriptions. Another reason that I prefer BoxyCharm this month is because there is no skincare products. I would definitely suggest both boxes to anyone who’s willing to spend $21 to try new things. I personally prefer BoxyCharm, but that’s because they limit the amount of skincare items. If you like skincare items you might prefer GlossyBox. I’ve also noticed that lately the BoxyCharms seem to be worth over $100 and the GlossyBox’s are around $70-$90.

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