Sunday, June 15, 2014

About Me: Who I Am

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog.

(My cousin Laura & I)

I'm a recent college graduate, and have just received a Bachelor Degree in History and an Associate degree in Legal Studies. I don't claim to be a make-up expert or to be an artist at all. I'm just your typical girl in her early 20's. I'm from a small town in Michigan, but I'm ready to head to a big city.

(My friend Monish & I after graduating college!)

I really got into make-up my 4th year of college (I was in college for 5 years). Before that I had no clue about anything beauty related. I wore eyeliner and mascara and a light pink eye shadow everyday since I was in early high school. It was after I broke up with a guy that I had dated for about a year that I actually began to care more. I was close to finishing college and wanted to change how I appeared to people. I got rid of almost all of my t-shirts and hoodies. I became obsessed with fashion and looking more mature. I eventually started getting into make-up as well. At first it was just trying new eye shadow colors or a new mascara. Eventually it became an obsession.

I began watching as many beauty guru's on Youtube, I subscribed to different make-up subscriptions. I began accumulating more and more make-up from the stores and began to experiment. Since then it's been a passion of mine.

I'm not made of money, I'm not able to get the most up-to-date make-up, accessories, fashion, and tools possible. Most of what you'll see on my blog is drugstore brand or something I got in a make-up subscription. Or I got it from Ulta on sale! Fashion wise it'll range but most likely be from H&M, Forever 21, and sites like that.

I'm a huge hockey fan, and by huge I mean the number 1 thing on my bucket list is to see every NHL team play live in their home arena. I won't rant and rave to much about hockey on here but be prepared that when season's in session that there will be random posts about it. As well as posts about my college hockey team. It's my not-so-secret obsession!
(My friend Lucas & I at my first NHL game)

(Trace, Kyle, Gerry-May, Jared, Chad & I during a skate with the team event)

So yeah, that's just a little bit about me and my life. Feel free to ask me any questions or to just leave a comment about yourself so I can get to know you!


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  1. Love your blog! I too am going through the almost done with college, trying to look more mature phase! I just joined birchbox and am looking into joining either glossybox or boxycharm. I jist joined influenster thanks to you!



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