Thursday, June 26, 2014

Glossybox "Unboxing"

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            Today I received my Glossybox in the mail. For those of you that don't know Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that includes different skincare, hair care, makeup, and perfume samples. These products are normally deluxe-sized to full size. It costs $21 a month for one box that includes normally around five products. I do pay this from my own pocket, this is not a complimentary box to me.

The Box:
   Can we talk about how cute this box is? With the 4th of July only a little over a week away, this box is extra perfect. I'll definitely be putting it to use during the 4th for some reason or another!

The Products:

StrangeBeautiful Nail Polish in Colorbloc - $18 for .3oz (Compared to others by brand $10)
   This product is small but cute. I compared it to others by the brand because it's .15oz a piece and a normal product by this brand is .5oz and in a group of ten of the normal sized one individually costs about $8.50. However, the colors are beautiful and will definitely be on my fingers and toes for the 4th. I will be doing a review on this in a couple days hopefully.

Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray - ≈ $3.37 for 1.5oz (Full-size $18 for 8oz)
   I'm extremely excited to try this product out. The smell is great and I love a texture spray. I've always wanted to try Rusk but could never convince myself to spend the money, so a travel sized one will give me a good chance. Also lime green and dark grey might be my new favorite color combination

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter - ≈ $4.15 for 1oz (Full-size $28 for 6.75oz)
   I'm not sure how I feel about this product yet. I love body butters but have never owned one. However, the reason I'm unsure about this product is it's size and smell. I've gotten an Ayres product in an earlier subscription box (I think Birchbox). It was also a really small sample and the smell was the exact same as this product. It smells just like the lotions you would get in a motel. It just seems like a cheap product.

Camille Beckman Platinumé Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy - $10 for 1.35oz
   This product smells amazing. I'm a huge fan of the lemongrass scent and with just a hint of grapefruit it's absolutely fabulous smelling. The packaging is so regal looking as well. This is definitely much better in my opinion the the Ayres body butter. Also this will fit perfectly into my small purse, and I'm hoping it will help with my eczema. It's also the only product that says Made in the USA. The Rusk is made in the USA but has parts imported from other countries.

Sumita Beauty Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil - $18 for .08oz
   This might be my favorite product in the box. I love eye shadow pencils, and this color is gorgeous. It's a shimmery champagne color (though I personally find it a little more on the taupe side). However, this will be perfect for my brown eye shadow days. The texture is creamy and soft. After sitting a couple seconds on the skin it doesn't rub-off right away and doesn't really budge. After a few hours though I was able to rub it off with my thumb. Below is a picture of the product on my wrist for a color reference. (Please note I have fair cool-toned skin, it will show up different on other skin tones)

Final Thoughts
   I liked the products well enough. I'm extremely excited to try the Rusk product because I've been wanting to for so long. I love Sumita products, already owing an eyeliner (from another box). I'm absolutely in love with the hand creme as well the packaging and smell make it an A+ for me. However, I'm slightly disappointed in the size of the nail polishes, but I like how they are perfect for the theme of the box. I'm extremely disappointed by the Ayres body butter. I want to love it due to it being a body butter but I can't get over the cheap motel smell and the small size. It's definitely a one use product.

   I also received a $5 off coupon from C. Wonder. However, since there's not one near me and shipping is $9.95 I just can't justify getting anything. However, it's a nice gesture by Glossybox. Overall my box if each product was bought individually (including the $5off) would cost $58.00 (by Glossybox prices & my math for size equivalency).

   I've decided to end my subscription for the time being with Glossybox. This is due to the fact that that I have recently been disappointed by the products that I've received in my past few boxes. I will keep my Ipsy subscription for now and will post my unboxing of that when it arrives. I might eventually come back to Glossybox but as for now it's not something I can see putting money towards.

   Hope you all are having a good week and please feel free to leave me suggestions on what to do next!


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