Sunday, June 29, 2014

StrangeBeautiful's Colorbloc Nail Polish Review

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            So if you read my post from yesterday of my Glossybox unboxing you'll know I recieved a nail polish product by StrangeBeautiful. The product is said to cost $18 for the two nail polishes and is a Glossybox exclusive. I thought I'd try it out and give it a review as well as test designs for the fourth of July. So without further ado the review!

The Product:

The nail polish packaging

    I love the packaging of these nail polishes. It's adorable and very modern. There are two bottles each .15oz. The red is a match of the American flag color. The blue in the packaging is a navy blue, a bit darker then the actual flag color but still gorgeous.

    What I don't like is the handle for the brushes. Before you pull the nail polishes out from the original packaging you think they are beautiful and unique. However, after pulling them out we get the handle top of the brushes that you would normally only see if your nail polish brush would come out and the handle popped off instead. It goes from such gorgeous packaging to such a drab packaging.

    Please excuse the horrible paint job on my nails, I was going fast and forgot my q-tips and Vaseline. This is two coats of just the red. The picture doesn't do the color justice The red is bright and just a single coat shows just how pigmented and that it is definitely not sheer. I like the formula and the fact that coats dried extremely quickly (not normal for most nail polishes I own).

    The dark blue was a slight disappointment. When put on top of the red nail polish, in artificial light it appears to become black in shade. Again this dried extremely fast and has a great consistency.

So here's my nails in a natural light. As you can tell they still appear black, which kind of ruins the point of the nail polish color. In the actual light (because the photo doesn't do it justice) the color appears to be a really dark purple. I do like the look on my nails however, it's not the look I want for the 4th of July, so I'm going to have to try something else.

Final Thoughts:

    Simply put, I like these nail polishes. The red is by far my favorite of the two, the pigmentation is wonderful. I'm disappointed by the blue so far because it appears black when put on the nails with the red nail polish as a base. I love that they both dry quickly and the visual packaging of the product. Plus according to the company website, StrangeBeautiful is a 3-FREE product: completely free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.

    However, I don't like the brush handles packaging. It's boring and unattractive. I also don't care for how small the product is. The red stained my nails a little bit since I couldn't find my base coat when I put on the polish. My nails also started chipping after a couple of days. When trying the blue polish without red underneath it still has a really dark tone to it that makes you think it's a black shade instead of navy blue.

    Overall, I like the product but would not pay the money to get a set of these nail polishes.


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