Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box Worth It?

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The Walmart Beauty Box is a subscription the big chain supermarket has put out. Unlike the Target Beauty Box (Which seems to come out randomly) it is a reoccurring subscription that ships a new box every three months(ish). It’s $5 for a box and is full of drugstore products. It normally has at least one full size product, usually makeup.

This month there was a variety of different possibilities for boxes, but I figured I would just show you mine! It comes wrapped in plastic, and this season they decided instead of the regular white box they were going to add a little bit of color with orange.

As you can see the only full-sized item I received was the Rimmel Mascara that sells for about $7.97. In all honesty it is over the cost of the box. However, I can get it for cheaper than $5 during a Walgreens/Rite Aid 40% Rimmel products sale plus add a coupon and even better savings. So in all honesty this was a bit of a bust for me. However, I do like the idea that it gave me the possibility to try a mascara that I more than likely would have never bought. I do like that they gave a perfume sample, though I wish it would have been a bit bigger. I love that they gave a bunch of coupons, except they were all ones that I could probably get in my Sunday paper. I love the little shampoo and conditioner because they are great for travel.

The shampoo and conditioner are a brand that is only sold at Walmart and it is one I’ve wanted to try, but have yet to do so. I wish the body wash had been a little bit bigger because I can get those as free samples via mail anyways. I’m not much for the sample stickers.

Overall is it worth it? To me this one wasn’t really simply because the Mascara is  the only thing that you can’t get as a free sample online. I will continue for one more box, in June, before ending this subscription.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive subscription but don’t want to commit to spending money every month this is a good option, because it is reoccurring so you don’t have to worry about if they will run out before you can sign-up for each box like the Target ones. However, if you want more quality I would suggest Ipsy or Birchbox for $5 more but it is every month vs every three months.



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