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Bad Day Turned Good! - Influenster #VSSportBra VoxBox

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            Lately the weather in Michigan has been even more crazy than Normal. Yesterday for example we had a huge thunderstorm at 5:30am and by 12:00pm it was bright and sunny but by 4:00pm it was extremely cloudy out. Today’s just been a hot and humid day, but at about 9:00am it was torrential downpouring. Don’t get me wrong I love rain but not when I’m on my way to go shopping.

            The good news is it stopped raining by the time my mom and I got to the mall. I only purchased three things for a total of $13.96. I got the first two mighty duck movies (in a duo-pack so I count it as one), an essence eyeshadow, and a Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask.

            However, the thing that really turned this day around from the bleak and drab day it’s been is the fact that I came home to another Influenster VoxBox! For more information about Influenster listed at the end of this post.
            So far I personally have received three voxboxes before this one. The first was the Uni VoxBox and the second was the Surf’s Up VoxBox and the last was an Ebay VoxBox. I’ve also one a P&G gift box because I completed the tasks and they chose me to receive the complimentary box. So I guess this is technically my 4th… Anyways onto what I received!

            So I wasn’t expecting to get this box after I did the survey, because it said that I hadn’t qualified at the end of the survey. I’ve heard of this happening occasionally, but I was still so shocked and excited when I got the email that I was going to be one of the testers!

            I knew mine would arrive later than other people’s simply because Michigan’s mailing system is on the slower side, so I’ve been looking at other people pictures of what they received. It seemed like there was a few different types of boxes to receive. However, I’m completely in love with mine, and based on the photos was the one I wanted to try.

            Please note that these are all my personal opinions the fact that I received these complimentary does not influence my thoughts. I'm not being paid by Victoria's Secret or to do this review. 
The Items:

Runway Sport’s Bra by Victoria’s Secret:
            I received all the items in the box complimentary but I’ve decided to show you how much they cost in case you’re interested in buying one. So this Sport’s Bra isn’t your typical one. First of all as you can see it has a bra shape for the cups, however, this is just for comfort and support. It does not have any underwires in it. This is a medium support Sport’s Bra, which is perfect for me since I’m a size 32B and don’t really need a whole lot of support. The picture doesn’t do the bra justice, it’s a mesh fabric that allows for breathability for the chest. It’s a v-cut and has adjustable straps in the back. Most exciting is that it has a front-closure zipper which makes it easier to take on and off. Like I said the picture doesn’t do it justice because it’s a gorgeous turquoise color with a light neon green mesh lining. This bra is almost the exact same colors as my tennis shoes!

            This particular color option is not available on the but it might be available in stores. That’s why I wasn’t sure to which price to put. The little info piece on it states:
·         Medium Support
·         Padding Lifts & Shapes
·         Breathable Mesh Panels
·         Locking-Zip Front Closure
·         Adjustable Straps
·         Nylon Performance Fabric with Four-Way Stretch
·         Body-Wick Keeps You Cool & Dry

            I’m in love with this sports bra. It's sturdy and comfortable. I ended up throwing one of my old sport's bras out, it had no support at all. Even though I'm not well endowed, I still need some support. Let's just say there was no bounce in my chest with this bra. I own another sport's bra by VS. You definitely need to make sure to get sized properly and get a bra in the right size, if it feels uncomfortable at all even if the size is right try another. My other one is a bit to tight even though it's in the right size, I probably needed to try one more size up (aka it was a 34A but I needed a 36A in that particular one). I kind of saw it in my size and called it good. I still wear that bra, I just prefer this new one much better! It's perfect for running and volleyball!

Knockout Crop by Victoria’s Secret:
            Again I received these complimentary. So these are fairly typical workout leggings. They are very comfortable and a little warm. However, I absolutely adore them. They are crop pants so they land at my upper-mid calf area. The packaging describes them as:
·         Medium Rise Form-Fitting
·         Smooth Seams for Total Comfort
·         Lined, reinforced gusset
·         Hidden Drawstring Waist
·         Hidden Waistband pocket
·         Nylon Performance Fabric with four-way stretch
·         Body-Wick Keeps You Cool & Dry

Final Thoughts:
            I’m a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret. I own one other sports bra that I got for about $15 nearly three years ago during their semi-annual sale. I’ve never owned a piece of non-lingerie clothing by VS, so the pants are extremely exciting to get! The bra is a little tight on the bottom, but nothing that won’t get looser after a few uses. The pants are extremely comfy and I’m wearing them as lounging pants as I write this! Overall I would definitely recommend them if you have the money to spend on good quality sports pieces. You can feel that they are quality made, between the layers and the stitching.
            Unfortunately I’ve  been using my cellphone to take pictures since I still haven’t found/gotten a new charger for my camera so the quality isn’t the greatest. The picture below is of me right before going on a light run to test out my new workout clothing! It definitely held up to the heat!
More About Influenster:
            If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s a website where you can review & read reviews of different products ranging from beauty to food. On top of that you can become an expert in different categories. Every month Influenster does different voxboxes, which are complimentary boxes filled with different products. They select who receives them based on what you’re an expert in, then they send out an email to those who they feel have qualified and you take a survey. A few weeks later if you’ve been chosen they will send you an email to let you know. You’ll then receive the products in the mail (this can take a couple days to a few weeks normally). You review the products and complete the tasks and often you’re given the chance to win a prize from the brand.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest."

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