Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alternative uses for those makeup bags!

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            So I’m going through this massive organization faze (I hate cleaning and organizing!) right now and came across my stack of Ipsy* makeup bags. Since moving home I have reorganized my makeup into actual trays and drawers, so I had emptied all of my makeup bags that were of no use. So I knew instantly that I needed to put these unique and cute bags to use. So what was I to do?

So some ideas that I came up with:
·         That time of the month emergency holder.
o   So as lady’s (sorry gentlemen reading this), most of us have periods. Carrying around pads, tampons, cramp meds, etc. can not only be annoying but if they are loose in your purse or bag it can be hard to find them. This way all of them are kept together in one area.
o   I personally have a bag that I received at a student fair that my college was hosting during the first month of school. So I personally won’t be using an Ipsy bag for this.
·         First Aid Kit
o   This is particularly useful if you have kids or are prone to accidents. I don’t have kids and am not accident prone (well bleeding wise, I’m known for running into things and brusing).
o   I’m very likely going to do this as a gift for one of my best friends who is extremely accident prone. Lord knows we had to find her Band-Aids at least once a week for one thing or another.
·         Purse Organizers
o   Use one for money, one for cards, one for meds, one for makeup, and anything else you’d want to organize.
o   Again I personally won’t do this simply because I have a very small cross-body purse that I use and the bags are too large to fit into the purse.
·         Gift bags
o   I actually plan on doing this one when Christmas comes around. I’ll gather all of the Ipsy bags that I’m no longer using and make unique little gift bags out of each of them.
o   If you’re a bride to be, maybe make the ones that you don’t use as gift bags for your bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law. Put things like blotting papers, tissues (especially for the mom’s), nail files, hair spray, deodorant, breath mints, and/or other beauty products. Make it a little more snazzy by adding a piece of jewelry or if they are over 21 (and you don’t mind them drinking) a mini-bottle of wine.
·         Packing for trips
o   Use them to pack things like period items, makeup items, jewelry, etc.
o   Make sure to bring a couple extra (if possible) to store any gifts you might pick-up that you’d like separate or a little extra protection for!
·         Nail Polish Organizers
o   So I’m a girl that has a lot of nail polishes. And currently they are all in a box, which is nice and all but can be very constricting. So I plan on using my Ipsy bags to sort my nail polishes. Until I can get a nail polish rack for my future apartment or until Christmas whichever comes first.
o   This way I can sort my nail polishes by color, versus how they are now by brand because they fit better in the box that way.

These are just some ideas that I came up with if you can come up with some more please let me know I’d love to hear suggestions on how to use these!


*Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month. I made a post a day or two ago that was an unboxing of Ipsy so check that out for more information

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