Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mid-Month Favorites

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            So if you follow any beauty bloggers, either on an a written blog like mine or a YouTube vlogger than you're probably familiar with monthly favorites. A lot of beauty gurus do an end of the month favorites video. However, I've decided to do things a little differently. Around the 15th or so of each month I'm going to put out a post that describes some of my favorite products and random things that I'm loving.
    Without further ado here's my Mid-July Favorites.

1. Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Pink Champagne
    A little bit ago I put out a post about an ULTA set that I had bought, I've had it for a few weeks and have been testing it out and found that I'm in love with this eye shadow. The texture is brilliant and the color is absolutely outstanding. It blends well and is definitely a shade I plan on using for my next date night with my boyfriend.

2. NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair
    A lot of beauty gurus are ranting and raving over the NYX Butter Gloss in Créme Brulee. I own one in that shade but lately I've been turning more towards the shade Éclair. The Créme Brulee color is a more neutral color with a hint of pink while Éclair is a soft and sheer pink. The swatch on the left would be the Éclair color and on the right is the Créme Brulee color. It's perfect over my NYX lip sticks and my Wet'N'Wild matte lipsticks.

3. City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon
    I received this blush in an Ipsy bag a few months back and fell in love instantly. However, I went a few months using a loose blush instead before returning in June to this blush. It has the perfect amount of pigmentation and is a great shade for my skin tone. The fact that it's $2.99 makes me want to buy more if only I could find it at my local Rite Aid.

    I love this site! You read reviews on products that other people have tried out so you know if it's one you'd like to try out. Plus you can become an expert in categories and earn the chance to be chosen for a VoxBox. A VoxBox is a free box that influenster sends out with different products catered to a specific expertise group. Influenster sends out a survey to people who could fall under the category, from there a select group are chosen to receive the VoxBox. The products are complimentary and there are even further challenges to possibly win more products. I've received two Influenster VoxBoxes, the Uni VoxBox & the Surf's Up VoxBox. As well as an eBay Badge which allowed me to receive a $25 to eBay.

5. NHL Reebox Shirtsey's
    So you'll come to learn if you continue to follow my blog into the future that I'm a massive hockey fan. I've currently been wearing my favorite NHL T-Shirts. I have a Jamie Benn one that I bought online via A Sergei Bobrovsky one that I bought while attending a Columbus Blue Jackets vs San Jose Sharks game. A couple days ago I got a Kevin Shattenkirk one off eBay (thanks to that eBay gift card) and I'm sure that will be in the rotation.

6. Candles
    So this is pretty general but in the past month I've gotten 4 candles for my room. The fifth was a Valentine's Day gift. It seems excessive but I just love how calming they are, how they make my room smell amazing, etc. I normally take one into the bathroom with me when I do my morning routine. Which is different then a lot of beauty bloggers I've seen/read who use them with their routines. I live with my parents and the bathroom is right next to their room and they aren't as big of fans of the candles. However, in the morning I love a nice scent to just get me calm and ready for the day.

Final Thoughts
    So these are my six favorite items this month. Or well my 12 favorite items if we want to be technical about it. If you want to know where I got these products leave a comment below!


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