Monday, December 8, 2014

What is Influenster?

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Influenster is a website where you can review an extremely wide variety of products. These products are things like makeup (my personal favorite), entertainment (TV shows, movies, and video game systems), sports, food products, etc. It’s amazing and I love that it’s all by actual people who aren’t sponsored to write nice things. On top of that they occasionally send out products to pre-selected people to try out completely complementary.

What Makes Influenster different?
Like I said Influenster sends out products for people to try completely complementary. These are called Voxboxes. They do about 1-2 Voxboxes a month. Sometimes there are virtual ones (I’ve done a couple for eBay and gotten gift cards) and other times you get physical products. This is special because these Voxboxes contain items from various brands. They are for people who maybe don't write blog posts all the time or make Youtube videos. Often if you want to test products for a company you have to be a well known or have a heavy following either on your blog or on Youtube. This is for the regular people who maybe have a decent social media presence, a lot of friends on Facebook or followers on twitter. Even then you don't have to have that big of a social media presence in certain aspects. For instance I have less than 150 followers on the twitter I have linked to Influenster. However, my presence on Influenster isn't short, I like to write a lot of reviews. I think it's nice that majority of the Voxboxes have a compilation of various brands. Occasionally they do specified brand boxes (for instance Keurig or Victoria's Secret).

So How do I Get a Voxbox?

Now to get these Voxboxes you have to have a decent social media presence and be active on their website. You link things like your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. to get more points for presence. These boxes are catered towards certain people, based on what they are “experts” in on Influenster. I’ve gotten ones for beauty, college, and athletics/fashion. There are ones for moms and food junkies. It’s completely free and you never know when you might qualify for a Voxbox (they send you a pre-survey via email and if you qualify they let you know later on). There's no certain way to get one, a lot of it is by chance and being active on Influenster. Also you better your chances of getting additional Voxboxes if you do all of the various tasks from a Voxbox. Doing reviews and becoming an expert in things (and being honest) will definitely help your chances for getting a Voxbox.

What Happens When I Get a Voxbox?
For the most part all you have to do with these physical products is check-in the Voxbox, try the products, and review them. The Voxboxes are complimentary and shipped to you for free you just have to give them your address. Following the tasks guarantees you get the badge, and on top of that a lot of the Voxboxes have prizes for people who complete the tasks, like 50/200 people might win additional products complimentary for finishing all the tasks.
Example: I got a P&G prize box for doing all the tasks asked on a Voxbox, it included about four more products. I also won a $50 Victoria's Secret gift card for finishing all the tasks on my Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox. Now just because you finish all the tasks does not automatically mean you "win" additional prizes. I've had a couple other Voxboxes where I didn't "win" additional products.

Anything Else I Need to Know?
Well there's something called a Hub where various bloggers write articles (submitted to Influenster to be approved) about various things. These aren't like reviews they give suggestions on gifts, party ideas, food ideas, etc. It's a great place to just read various articles done by people who aren't "famous" or sponsored. I absolutely love going on there and reading various articles.

I am not being sponsored by Influenster. I just absolutely love the website, because it's so unique and gives opportunities to people who wouldn't regularly get the opportunity to try various products. The website is just

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