Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting Fit

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I have recently begun the journey to get fit again. I'll admit to having a great metabolism which allows me to stay on the fairly skinny side. However, like most women I am body conscious. I worry about my weight and my fat to muscle ratio.

This journey isn't about losing weight to me. This journey is about getting healthy and fit again. In high school I was a 4-year letter holder in track. I was on Varsity all four years which was pretty awesome. I loved track and I loved being in shape.

Then I went to college and I can count the number of times I went to the gym on one hand. I was lucky that I only gained 10lbs my whole college career. My exercise was walking and in all honesty even today a good walk is my favorite exercise.

I live in Michigan where the weather is really chaotic (no joke last week it was high 50s and now we are in a Winter Storm advisory). So my second favorite workouts of swimming and kayaking are only possible 3-4 months max. I don't like going to a gym because I'm so self conscious and really there's not a whole lot of exercises I like to do that are there.

So what's this journey for me, what exercises am I doing, and what am I looking for result wise?

This journey is a journey not only about getting fit and losing that 7lbs I gained since graduating college nearly two years ago. It's about finding a peace with myself. It's about being in tune with my body and really learning to love who I am for what I am. It's about learning to be in control of my own body and my own fate. Instead of letting fear, food, and family get in the way.

I'm going on longer walks and with a puppy a lot more walks. I'm starting to do yoga. I have a stationary bike that I want to get some use out of and hopefully in the summer get a real bike out. I'm going to start swimming more and kayaking at least twice weekly in the summer time. I'm also going to start slowly getting back into running and maybe even tumbling (aka floor gymnastics).

The results I'm looking for body wise is a more toned body, losing that little extra weight and converting it to muscle weight. I'd also like to get my exercise-induced asthma under control or at least lessen it's hold on me. Most importantly I want to be able to feel like I need a nap after a ten minute walk with the pup.

This journey to get fit won't just be exercise it's going to be about my food choices as well. Working at an area that has so many fast food options nearby is harmful to me. I eat fast food at least 3 times a week (so gross I know). I want to start cooking easy meals to take to work.

I'm also a big planner girl. I love my Happy Planner like no other. However, I recently invested in the Recollections Fitness Journal available at Michael's. I think this will be a good way to keep track of just how much I've worked out and changed my body. If you'd like to see how I use it and possibly decorate it (I own a lot of washi okay.) just leave a comment!

I can't wait to take you all along on this journey in fitness!



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