Sunday, March 6, 2016

3-7-16 Weekly Planner Layout

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For this weeks layout I decided to do a gray-scale layout. If I didn't love playing with filters all my Instagram pictures would be gray-scale. There's something about the colors that just seem to take you back in time and it's just such a classic combination. This is what it looks like before the pen. I will show after the pen in next weeks post.

All of the full box stickers besides the large one on the far right are ones that I found on Google and printed onto shipping label paper. The large one and the To-Do, Game Day, & Workout stickers are from Me & My Big Ideas.

Last Weeks:

Last week was a mint & gold theme. Not a lot happened that week other than trade deadline for the NHL in which I payed attention to religiously but thankfully only one of my favorites got traded and even then it was to a team I like. The little squares of mint and old are from a gift bag that I pulled apart to make a cover for my planner.


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