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My To-Go Cosmetics Bag/Mid-Month Favorites:

So with my non-job & the fact that I’ve been sick since lately, I haven’t really had the time or money to try a whole lot of new products. However, I have been using what I consider to be the staples in my collection for the past couple months a lot. I recently spent the night at a friend’s where we went to a couple of my alumnus school’s hockey games (two days before I came down with strep). So of course I had to look good, because we were going out to the local “club” later that evening. So I brought my staple pieces that are known as my To-Go bag, which also happen to be the items that have been the past couple months favorites.

The Bag:
            I’ve been using this metallic silver Ipsy bag that I received back in September. I’m not the biggest fan of the looks of the bag. As you can see there are fingernail indentations, creases, and random scratches. It’s not the best quality bag Ipsy has had but I absolutely love the size because it fits all my makeup (minus brushes) in it.

The Makeup:

Benefit The Porefessional
            .75 fl. oz. - $31
            I realize this isn’t a feasible option for most people. I got this back towards the beginning of the year with my birchbox points that I had been saving up for a “high-end” product. I absolutely love this stuff though, it’s magical. A good alternative if you don’t have extremely sensitive skin (or weird allergies like me) is the e.l.f. Mineral Primer, it’s about $6. I personally can’t use that one because of ingredients in it. So when this runs out, I have a couple different brands from subscription boxes to use up.

Clinique Even Better Makeup (Shade 24 – Linen)
            1 fl. oz. - $27
            I was given this last year for Christmas. Again this is a high-end product that a lot of people can’t afford. I’ve heard a lot of people really like the Revlon Colorstay or Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation for more affordable options. I personally really love this foundation because it has a sort of dropper-esque top, so it doesn’t get germs in it as easily. I love that this is literally my perfect shade (I don’t even have to put it down my neck because they are literally the same shade). I also like that it’s medium coverage and doesn’t oxidize. So many of my drugstore foundations oxidize during the day that by the time I get home my face is a weird orange color.  

NYX  Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer (CJ01 – Porcelain)
            .24 oz. - $5
            This is the old packaging of this concealer, because again I got this at Christmas a year ago. I actually didn’t use this for quite a while because I though it made my makeup look cakey or didn’t cover my blemishes well. I realized though that it was the way I was applying it and other makeup I was using with it. This is medium-full coverage and $5 isn’t too bad for concealer. I love that the line has 8 skintone versions & 4 color correcting versions. The consistency is slightly thick so it’s not got to run down the face when applying it. I like to take a small concealer brush and stipple it onto my blemishes.

Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder
            .14 oz. - $12
            This isn’t technically high-end but it is on the pricier side. I got this in my September 2014 Ipsy bag, and basically it’s just 100% silica. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about the e.l.f.  Studio High Definition Powder, which is half the price if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative. I like this because it’s a single ingredient so you know that there’s no additive ingredients, and you can understand what the ingredient is with a simple google search. I love how it effortlessly makes my foundation matte without making it look cakey. I’ve also heard that this is a great option to put underneath foundation to hide pores and mattify any natural oils.

City Color Be Matte Blush (Fresh Melon)
            .314 oz. - $5
            This is by far my favorite blush I have ever owned. I honestly love the City Color Cosmetics brand, I have yet to find a product that I haven’t been impressed with (I also own an eyeshadow palette & a blush quad). I normally don’t go for a coral-ish color, but for some reason this goes amazing with my pale skin, probably because even though it’s pigmented it blends out really well. I got this in my February 2014 Ipsy bag, but I found the other City Color Cosmetics products at a store called Five Below, although you can order their makeup directly off their website.

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
            .53 oz. - $21 (The one I own is a .19 oz. sample size)
            So again this is probably not feesible for most people because it’s a high-end product. I got this sample in a make-up gift set that was on sale for less than $10. I originally didn’t like this product but once I started using it more I started liking it more. It goes on translucent even though it comes out a pearly off-white color. I definitely recommend the e.l.f. essential eyelid primer, I will definitely go back to that one once I use this up, because it’s $1 and works just as well as this Lorac one does.

Wet n Wild Coloricon 5-pan Palette (Smoke and Melrose)
            .21 oz. - $3.99 (depends on store)
            So this is a limited fall 2014 edition palette, if you can still find this get it immediately! I don’t know why but this has been the only eyeshadows I’ve been wearing for the past 2-3 months. You can make a nice darker eye look or a lighter eye look. It’s so versatile and perfect for the fall. If you can’t find this anymore I definitely recommend the WnW Coloricon trio Walking on Eggshells (about $2.99) because it makes for such a flawless light eye look. Count me in on the WnW eyeshadow bandwagon!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
            .4 fl. oz. - $22 (The one I own is a .1 fl. oz. sample size)

            I got this in my August 2014 Ipsy Bag. This is probably the best mascara I have ever used. It is the blackest of blacks, it doesn’t clump, and it lengthens my lashes. Those are the three things I look for in mascara. Sadly, I probably won’t buy a new one when this one runs out because of the price. Sadly, I think high-end mascaras tend to always win my favor. I just haven’t found a top notch drugstore mascara yet. I will probably buy a mini version for about $10 at Ulta of a high-end mascara, because I honestly don’t even go through a travel size tube in about 3 months.

Sumita Beauty Kala Black Color Intense Pencil
            .06 oz. - $15

            I received this in a subscription box (either Glossybox or Birchbox) and for a while I didn’t use it at all. I honestly went on about a 6 month kick of not using eyeliner. However, I’ve recently been using eyeliner more, and this is by far my favorite. It’s a nice dark color that is smudge-proof and seemingly waterproof. It’s not the darkest black I own, but it’s the perfect shade of black for my pale skin tone (some black eyeliners make me look sullen and dead because they are too dark). I also love the cream texture this eyeliner has when it goes on. This is on the more expensive side, but unfortunately I haven’t found an eyeliner from the drugstore that I love as much as this one.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (220 Showy)
            .095 oz. - $8.49 (depends on store)

            Holy pigmentation, like seriously this is so freakin’ pigmented it’s unreal. I like to use my fingers (freshly washed) to apply this so it’s a little more sheer and doesn’t looks so dramatic on my lips. It definitely stays true to its name it is a very flash magenta-hot pink. I also love the smell, it’s very minty. I have a balm by CoverGirl that just smells chemically, so this is definitely an upgrade. I also love that there are matte balms now, kind of in a matte makeup kick right now.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color (Bordeaux Boulevard)
            .11 oz - $1.99

            This is a deep purple/Mauve color that is absolutely perfect for fall/winter. Again I apply this with my fingers, because applying it straight or even with a brush it’s just too dark for my pale skin. However, with my fingers this color is absolutely gorgeous. I wear this a lot when I’m going out and running errands. I use the WnW palette so I have a very neutral eye so my lips can be my focus.

Non-Makeup Favorites:

            I absolutely love this website. It’s an auction site, except you don’t have to spend money. You get credits by signing up, connecting your facebook, doing surveys, watching videos, etc. You can buy credits, but you don’t have to. I tend to look for things that have free shipping, so I don’t have to pay a cent (you do have to pay actual money if it’s not free shipping). You can also auction your items on there (I believe you just have to pay shipping) and you get the credits of the person that wins transferred to you. So far I’ve won NHL stickers (2 sheets), 3 sample size perfumes, & a mini sifter (for powdered sugar). They are little things, but still I’m getting them for free which is pretty awesome.

The Flash (TV Show)
            Okay I’ve been a fan of Grant Gustin for a long time. He’s the perfect flash, and isn’t your stereotypical macho man superhero (aka ridiculously buff). I love the dynamic between the various characters. I’ll be the first to admit that until this show came out I knew nothing about the Flash (comic books or anything). I’m not much of a superhero girl (Captain America excluded, I mean Chris Evans arms alone…) So I’m actually surprised I like this. Especially, since the Sci-Fi aspect is actually fairly realistic.

Criminal Minds (TV Show)
            All honesty this isn’t a new favorite for me, I’ve loved this for a few years. I got into a few years back when my sister was sick and we were both home for Winter break and she marathoned it in our living room. I got addicted, and since then I’ve seen every old episode and am completely up-to-date on the episodes. I’m a bit of an oddball because I’m way more attracted to the character of Spencer Reid than that of Derek Morgan. Even the real life actors Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore are the same for me. I love quirky guys with weird senses of humor and Matthew Gray Gubler and his character are that. I’m not saying I’m not attracted to Shemar Moore (how can one not be with those arms and that chest), but I’m kind of into the skinny nerdy type.

The Biggest Loser (TV Show)
            A few seasons back a family friend was on The Biggest Loser, and I watched it religiously rooting her on. She ended up coming in 2nd, which is an amazing accomplishment (she lost 118lbs). Since then I’ve watched the show religiously, because for some of the contestants it really does change their lives for the better. Though there have been some that just can’t keep the weight off due to time constraints not allowing them workout time, their bodies still conditioned to gaining weight back quickly, falling back into old habits, etc. But for my family friend it changed her life for the better. She’s stayed healthy and she became sober. I think it inspires a lot of people. Plus it’s not a “fat-shaming” show, it’s a hey, there’s some emotional problems causing this, let’s get to the bottom of them and get you healthy at the same time show.



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