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Christmas Beauty Bag for 16-22 Year Olds

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            It’s almost Thanksgiving & Black Friday. For the next couple days/weeks I’ll be doing gift ideas! I personally still think it's too early for Christmas stuff, but Black Friday is almost here and we are all looking for good sales. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be focusing on beauty & the women in your lives. Each of these weeks will have a similar concept but a different execution. They will all include a single staple piece, a makeup bag.

            This week I’m going to be focusing on the teenager to early 20 women in your lives. Now, for this gift you can think a little bit younger, fresh, and natural. Girl’s at this age are beginning to really experiment with makeup, but at the same time a lot of them want to look natural without looking dead. The items I’m showing you are ones that I’m doing for my 16 year old cousin. However, they are things that I would wear at 23. My cousin is very basic with her makeup. She tends to wear BB creams, mascara, powder, and maybe a lip product. So makeup in here is a little more limited. This is why it’s an overall beauty bag versus a makeup bag.

The Bag:

            So for the bag I’m using an old Ipsy one that I don’t really use, and what’s the point of holding onto something that I don’t really use? If you don’t have a makeup bag or small clutch that you don’t use lying around, I’d suggest places like T.J. Maxx for a cute make-up bag. I chose this particular one because of the fun hot pink color and scalloped sides. It’s perfect for a young women, because it’s fun and exciting but it’s also something that is not too young or too mature.

 Gilchrist & Soames Bee Kind Body Lotion

            I put this little lotion in here, because even though it’s body it works as a hand lotion. Since she lives in Michigan, it’s cold and dry a lot in the winter (air dry, there’s a lot of snow lol). This has honey & chamomile in it, which is soothing but also has a great scent to it. I love the packaging on it, and it’s perfect for a teenager since it’s not too childish but it’s also not too mature. I got this in a subscription box, so I didn't actually spend much for it.
            This particular brand is fairly expensive. A good alternative would be Vitabath Lotion Plus for Dry Skin. The 2 oz travel size is about $4.00 at Ulta. It’s got a cute packaging that again is not too young nor too mature. It has a beautiful jasmine/violet scent to it. It’s perfect for dry skin (as its name suggests) and can easily be thrown in a purse for easy convenience. Another one would be the EOS Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom which is about $2.00 at Walgreens.

Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Punch 
            I love this lip balm, because it is moisturizing and it gives a little pop of color. I think the Pink Punch shade is the best for a girl just getting into makeup. Like I said it gives a little pop of color, with it being a balm not a lip stick or lip gloss, it won't look to makeup-y. So it will seem a little more natural or muted. Not to mention these smell AMAZING! It's also great for throwing in backpacks and purses, so they have it on the go when they need it.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in Pearlescent Pink

            For girls who are just getting started into makeup blush can be a scary thing. What color looks good on me, how much do I apply, where do I apply it? I think this blush is perfect for a starter because it is extremely translucent going on but can be added to, to become more pigmented and opaque. The color is good for any skin tone. Plus it adds just a little bit shimmer to the cheeks. For girls who don't know how to apply blush right it allows them room to make a few mistakes without it looking like clown makeup. This is my own personal one because I didn't want to open the one for my cousin.

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
            I love this for anyone, but it is especially perfect for younger women, who don’t really wear a bold makeup look. This is school & work appropriate/safe. The colors are very neutral light browns and taupe's. It’s great because it’s not overpowering and not very dark. It’s also great for young women who are just beginning to use makeup because it’s not too dark that it’s noticeable when something was done accidentally wrong. Please forgive me for the chunk missing in the browbone shade & the illgible writing of the eyelid shade. This is my own personal one, because again I didn't want to open the one for my cousin.

e.l.f. Kabuki Face Brush
            I picked this brush in particular from the e.l.f. line (I would also suggest a $1 eyeshadow brush) because it's a good versatile face brush. It's good for apply blush lightly. You can blend foundation. You can put on powder with it. It can even dust away any product fall out from eye makeup. It's soft, and only like $6 (which for a makeup brush is pretty inexpensive). I've had mine for about 2 years or so (aka needs an upgrade). I find it to be a staple in my makeup collection. Thus why I think it's great for beginners to the makeup scene.

Final Thoughts:
            So I wanted to make this fairly affordable so it's about $20-$25. Of course you can change things in it (obviously) or even get rid of ones. This is one of the only bags that I'm doing that I don't currently own the items. Another good idea is if you have makeup that you just don't use or don't care for because of shades and whatnot. Why not give them in a makeup bag, as long as they aren't like mascara or something that gets bacteria easily. It's extremely affordable that way, plus it lessens your collection and gives great things to someone who might not get them otherwise.
            Check back in a day or two and I'll have the one that I've made for 23-29 year olds. It's more tailored to my older sister, but I think it works for most people in that range.


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