Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ipsy November 2014

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It’s that time of the month again, IPSY TIME! This is honestly what I look forward to each month. Is that sad? Anyways, my Ipsy bag came the day I was heading to visit some old college friends and go to my alumnus school’s hockey games. So I didn’t really get a chance to look at what I got before today. Overall, it’s mixed feelings, since I now know what other options I could have gotten. Without further ado, though, here’s this month’s Ipsy Bag!

The Bag:

This month’s bag is a silver sparkly plastic-esque bag with a pink top zipper. Personally this is not my favorite bag. At 23 I prefer something a little more on the mature side. This just reminds me of something I would have used when I was 13-15 years old. Although I might use it during Christmas to carry stuff in to family holidays, it seems festive enough for that.

The Products:

1      Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray
                   1.5 oz

I’m personally not the biggest fan of receiving hair products in subscription boxes. Either, they don’t cater to my hair type (course, frizzy, waves) or they just aren’t that outstanding (not counting dry shampoo). So receiving this wasn’t exactly that exciting for me. I have tried it out now and it’s a very dry formula, and keeps my hair feeling soft. I hate drier formulas with hair spray because I feel like they do nothing.

2.      Elizabeth Mott You’re so Fine Waterproof Liquid Liner
.1 oz

I’m excited to try this out. I’ve been trying to get into wearing liquid liner, except I’m still ridiculously horrible at creating a cat eye. This has some sparkle to it, which makes me a little nervous (mainly about taking it off). However, I think this liner will be great for the holiday seasons that are approaching.

3.      Temptu S/B Highlighter Pink Pearl
.1 oz

I like that I received a highlighter, because I honestly own a single one and I hate its formula (elf product). The only thing that disappoints me so far about this is its size. I wish it were a little bit bigger but I also wish the full-size was a bit cheaper. I haven’t tried this yet so we’ll see how I like it.

4.      SeaRX Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub
.3 oz

Ugh, I remember getting a Micro-Dermabrasion product a few months ago and I had clicked the Not For Me on Product Type. I just don’t like the feel of these products on my skin, especially because my skin is a lot more sensitive due to medications I’m currently using. Hopefully Ipsy takes this into account in the future for me!

5.      J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter

I love lip products, so I’m all for getting lip products in my bag! I really like that this is a cool toned red. It does stain the skin, and I know that from swatching it, so I’m assuming it will stain my lips as well. I haven’t tried this out, but I’m more than excited to.

Final Thoughts:
I’m iffy about this bag. I’m absolutely in love with the Wonder Lip Paint. I’m a huge fan of most lip products (exception being nudes that are way to pale for me). I also like the liquid liner; I’m always a fan of getting liquid liners because I’m trying to use them more. I have mixed feelings about the highlighter, I do want to use highlighters more, I just wish there was more product and it didn’t cost so much for a full-size version. Then there’s the hairspray & scrub. I honestly am not a fan of skincare products because it’s hard for them to send one’s that cater to sensitive skin. I also don’t care for hairspray, I just don’t use it often enough. It took me over 6 months to go through a full size bottle of hairspray, and that was with allowing a friend to borrow it for a couple weeks (and she uses it a lot more often).

So it’s definitely not the best Ipsy bag I’ve had. My best ones to date are August 2014, February 2014, & August 2013. So there are some months that are beyond amazing, and others like this month that just fall short for me. However, I honestly think it’s worth the price when you factor in the fact that you get a makeup bag each month!

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