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Mid-Month Favorites - August

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         Every month I do a mid-month favorite instead of an end of the month favorites. These are products that I have loved since July 15th to now. These products are ones that I use fairly regularly or am absolutely in love with but don't have the opportunity to use them as much as I'd like but wanted to mention them anyway. Unlike my June-July one this includes only beauty products.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blusher – 831E Pearlescent Pink
$2.99 - .14oz - Walmart
       It seems like everyone has been talking about this product on YouTube when they talk about drugstore products. It's on the cheaper side for drugstore blushes, and to be honest I can see the hype. It's a great blush because it's extremely blendable and the color is gorgeous for every skintone. It's a highlighting blush that isn't too extreme that it looks fake, but it does add a little more color to the cheeks.

Studio M Baked Eye Shadow Trio – Auburn
$ - .05oz - Meijer
        Now I'll admit that this will be a hard product to find. I got this on sale this past winter at my local Meijer. It is Meijer's brand makeup. I absolutely love all of their baked eye shadows because they are so creamy and pigmented and I got them for $.43-$1.49 on sale. So I apologize if you aren't able to find this product. It has a gorgeous rusty pink shade, a champagne shade, and a plum/brown shade. I'm in love with this trio and I like that since it's baked I can use it wet or dry!

e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip – Lilac Petal
$1.00 - .34oz - Walmart
        This is another product that's been highly hyped up, but more so on Pinterest than anywhere. So I decided heck for $1 why not try it. I've been looking for a cheap drug highlighter and while this isn't perfect by far it does the trick. It's a nice champagne color that does an amazing job of highlighting the face. A little bit of this product goes a long way. The biggest downfall to this is the texture, it feels thick and kind of gunky. Still for $1 I definitely like it!

e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer – Tone Adjusting Green
$6.00 - .49oz - Walmart
        I have Benefit's The Porefessional primer which costs $30. I like that stuff but I've found that I love this e.l.f. product more and for 1/5 of the cost I have to say this is a sure winner. Now I will start by saying that I don't think this product actually adjusts the redness on my face like I was hoping it would. However, as a basic primer I love it. It makes my face feel so soft, my pores are minimized, and it's not gunky on my face. All in all if you're looking for a good primer for under $10 I'd suggest this one.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color – Blue Rose
$1.99 - .11oz - Walmart
         I have mentioned my love of the NYC Expert Last Lip Color before however that was the color Forever Fuchsia. I bought this shade because I wanted a cool toned bright color that wasn't as neon pink as the fuchsia lipstick. I absolutely love this and although I don't get to wear it often it's the perfect shade for a night out.

Jordana Easy Liner for Lips – Silver Lilac
$1.99 - .009oz - Walgreens
        I'll be the first to admit that I love Jordana products. Every time Walgreens has a sale on them I get a new shade in one thing or another. I love this lip liner because it's the perfect pink to go underneath my Blue Rose lipstick. It makes my lipstick last longer and it's the perfect color for when my lipstick begins to fade because it's a natural looking color.

Splurge Bonus:
Bond No.9 - Andy Warhol Union Square Eau De Parfum
$265.00 - 100ML (Please note this particular product is not for sale anymore but the same fragrance in a different packaging is, it's simply called Union Square)
        Now I realize that this is not a drugstore product nor is it in almost anyone's price range. However, I've had this perfume since I was a junior in high school. Now you're probably thinking wow this girl must come for money or someone was willing to spend a lot of money on her. Actually I won this in a contest from I believe CosmoGirl magazine. I remember it showing up in the mail a couple months after I had entered the contest and I was psyched. Even to this day I haven't owned a beauty product that's worth this much. Now when this perfume goes bad or runs out I don't plan on repurchasing (I mean who would with that price right!). However, I love the floral scent of this, because it's the right amount of flowery. I've been wearing this almost every day this past month since I came across it in my old room. I had honestly forgotten about it since I had gone to college because I hadn't wanted to take something of such worth with me.

So there are my favorite products right now. I'm actually on the edge about the e.l.f toner. Simply because I've recently been getting more and more acne and it's one of two things that I had added to my routine (both makeup and skin) in quite awhile. So I've taken both products (the other a moisturizer) out of my routine and will slowly bring them back in one by one, to figure out which product is causing my acne breakout.

So what are you loving so far this month?


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