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Fab or Fail Friday! - Lip Balms

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            Lip balms are the perfect in between product of lipstick and lip gloss. They are often on the sheer side but tend to have a semi-glossy finish. For quite awhile there were no matte lip balms, especially in the drugstore but brands are quickly beginning to change this like Revlon for example, so they are not all completely glossy now-a-days. The reason that lip balms are the in between product is that they aren't drying like most lipsticks are but they aren't as sticky and messy as most lip glosses are. Please note that these are also known as crayons. They are different than lip balm's that can also be considered chapstick because of the color, texture, and lack of health benefits. 

Read on to see a comparison of 4 different lip balm brands.

These are not meant to be the same shade. I bought each of these with my own money, so I am not being paid by any of the companies nor were they complimentary items.

1. Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm – Unique Pink
            $14.00 - Target reviewers gave this product a 3.6 with 61% would buy it again. This is the most expensive out of the drugstore balms. You'll notice that the picture shows this smaller then the rest simply because I have a mini version that I got from my $10 subscription service. I'm glad that I got a mini version, at least of this color because I don't really care for it. I think the color is non-existent and it doesn't do anything miraculous with my lips. I have heard that some of the other colors give off a better pigmentation, but this one in my opinion is a FAIL it's not worth the money in my opinion when there are better lip balms out there. I do like that it smells like mint gum however!

2. NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color – 021 Parsons Pink
            $2.99 - Walmart reviewers gave this product a 4.3 with 87% would buy it again. The NYC Website states that this product will last hours including the intensity. While I do think this has decent staying power I don't agree that it lasts for hours with the same intensity. The texture is creamy and glides on smoothly. I'm not much for scents when it comes to a product but this one does have a scent and surprisingly for a makeup it doesn't smell very waxy instead it's almost a perfume-esque scent.
        Unlike some of the other brands mentioned, this one does not claim to be a stain. So when it wears off the color wears off as well. The color I've chosen to review is a very frosty pink. It has a nice shimmer to it without it being too over the top or looking like a lip product from the 90s. I love how this feels on my lips and I would have to say that I think this product overall is FAB.

3. Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain – 128 Pinky Promise
            $2.93 - Walmart reviewers gave this product a 3.5 with 64% would buy it again. The Wet n Wild website describes this balm as a condition lip product with Acai Palm Oil that is supposed to prevent feathering. It also mentions that it leaves a minty cooling sensation. Personally I find this product to not really have a particularly strong scent or a minty scent at all. I love the color and sheen of this product simply because it adds just a little bit of color to the lips but not too much. I feel like it leaves a small stain on the lips once the product has worn off but not one that is extremely noticeable, though I've heard that this is just this color and the others stain much better. 
       This is probably the most affordable of the lip balms. I do find that this color is very similar to the NYC color, only a bit less frosted in color. I don't really care for how the balm seems to be clumpy and breaking apart in the packaging however. Overall compared to the rest of the products I would say this is a FAIL. I just didn't find this product special and in all honesty I agree with the reviewers on Makeup Alley when it comes to this product versus the NYC product, I much prefer the NYC product. 

4. Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain – 04 Candied Coral
            $2.99 - Walgreens reviewers gave this product a 4.1 and 77% would buy it again. Now out of the four lip balms this one is my personal favorite. I'm not the biggest fan of the coral shade simply due to it not being the most flattering shade for my skin tone and undertones. However, I own this in 07 Rock n Rouge which is a bright red color, and I absolutely love that shade. I do believe that the coral color is absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could pull it off better. The reason I love this product much more then any of the other three mentioned is because of it's pigmentation. The first three are fairly sheer balms, the Jordana balms are extremely pigmented.
       Some people have mentioned through reviews online that the balm changes colors after awhile or wears away splotchy. I haven't had either of these issues. It could be due to the pH difference in lips that cause the color change. I love how this feels on my lips, it's moisturizing but it's not too heavy of a product. It also has a sweeter scent to it, making the scent not too irritating or obnoxious but it does have a scent. Overall I would definitely rate this product FAB!


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